Renew a Subscription

When you buy a license you get a full year’s subscription to software updates. When your subscription nears its end, we send you an email to remind you to renew your subscription. Without a subscription you can still use the product and get support, but you do not get new features or fixes. If you have a problem that requires a hot fix but do not have a current subscription, you will have to renew before you can benefit from the fix.


When to renew your Subscription

You can renew your subscription either when we send you a reminder, or at any other time. If your subscription expires in December and you buy a renewal early, say in September, the renewal adds twelve months to your subscription from the expiry date, so the new expiry date will be December next year.


How to renew a subscription
  • Log in to the purchase system with the username that the product was bought with and head to the renew order page.
  • If you have a problem or if you are not the original buyer, contact our sales department and they will help you.
Add additional products, licenses or subscription years while renewing

You can choose to add an extra license, product or extra subscription years to your order when you renew your subscription. The retail price of what you are adding on is simply added onto the renewal cost. There is no discount for adding multiple products or years however there is a discount for adding extra developer licenses. To add additional items to your subscription is counted as a renewal and then an upgrade. You can do both at the same time by using the Upgrade an Order interface.



If you have questions about what you get with a subscription, read our Subscription FAQs.

If you have questions about any aspect of renewing your subscription, from the exact cost through to finding an order ID, contact our sales department and they will help you.