Export Regulations

IMPORTANT: Aspose Pty Ltd makes no warranty or representation that these classifications are accurate, current, or complete. It is your responsibility if re-exporting our software, included with your own, to comply with applicable requirements of your local export rules and regulations.*


Aspose Pty Ltd is located in Australia; therefore, our products have been self-classified, and have not been reviewed by BIS. The self-classification for Aspose’s .NET products is 5D992, regulated under EAR 740.17(b)(4)(ii).

For independent verification, the classification was based on the following factors: Aspose products make use of the following encryption algorithms:

  • DSS and Diffie-Hellman
  • RSA and AES
  • RC4
  • Certificate X.509
  • SHA1

In all cases the key length will be up to 1024 bits. All Encryption used is publicly available technology either present in Microsoft .NET Framework classes (for .NET products) or the Java Framework (for Java products).



Our software is exempt from Export Controls in Australia.

  • The portion of the software Aspose uses for encryption of files is already in public domain (we use an open source encryption library)
  • Aspose software is mass-marketed.

Further details about DSGL and exemptions head to the Australian Defense website to read more about export controls.

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